Melanie & Kyle
June 29, 2013
The Harvest Barn
6915 Olding Road
Maria Stein, OH 45860

I’m sure you are thinking – “A barn?  WTH?  What kind of redneck reception is this going to be?” – because those were my thoughts when I first heard of it.  For those that haven’t been to it before…whatever you have swirling in your head about what this place could look like is wrong.  This is a very unique reception area and the ONLY opening they had the rest of the entire year was June 29.  We called to book it the same day shortly after we viewed it.  For those that plan on attending I can’t wait for you to see it!

***We had some questions regarding dress for this reception:
       Please dress as you would for any other wedding reception. 

Directions are very easy!  Take 127 south and take a left at Niekamp’s Farm & Flea Market.  The Harvest barn will be almost 2 miles down on your left.  Look for a Homan, Inc. sign.  If you come to a T intersection or pass the sign you’ve gone too far.  If you are taking 127 north to the reception please reverse instructions above.  Parking is all around the barn.